A Poem About a Tree by A. Klesath

Silently stood the Cottonwood tree

Placing my hand upon her bark

She gently bent down for me to see

On her branch a Meadow Lark.

Whispering in my ear, I hear

“The world will spin,

Never to worry, never to fear

What may end, will also begin”

Time is a man made construct

Nature’s heart will always beat

For she is the one who must instruct

The path put forth is clear beneath our feet

Universe embraces all within

And there never was an original sin.

The push and pull of laborious strains

Is here and now as it has always been

Soon will come the torrential rains

The veil that blinded is wearing thin,

Answers revealed with open eyes.

Minds will strain who go against the grain.

As correspondence becomes lies,

A vicious greedy game, without a brain,

Who knows when this will truly end,

There is only one to keep in mind

As our hearts and soul will bend,

We all should remember to be kind.

For before we were born, it was right from the start

Love the only truth, within our slowly beating heart.

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