Crazy, Messed Up World by A. Klesath

I could tell you that the media is full of it and the politicians don’t care about us, but you will still believe what you want. I could tell you to turn off your media device and step outside to breath in the fresh air, but you will still do what you want. I could tell you that the world could be a better place if we stop being consumed by fear, but that won’t work. So I will just say that the world is whatever you make it.

Life happens and sometimes it isn’t perfect and isn’t close to what we want, however if we wait just a little bit we can make it through the hard times. We can savor the good. The moments we are with our loved ones, the moments we can laugh with a stranger, watch a child smile, and embrace each other without fear.

Embracing and recognizing the good moments are more important. We need to overcome the fear, remove the anger, and just breath. Life is short, it is precious and it isn’t the old and dying that should realize this. Right now we are being told to be constantly afraid,  to be afraid of the person next to you in the grocery store line, be afraid of the person wearing the badge. We never know the moment our life or someone we love will be taken. And because of this we have to remember that each moment we are able to breath is a moment we need to embrace.

I am so very tired of the sadness I feel when I check the news, go to the grocery store, or see another jobless person come into my work to apply for unemployment. My heart aches and consumes me with anxiety when I am unable to see someone smile because of the mask they wear and I am sad when they feel they need to flinch and hurry away. We are social creatures and distance is not healthy, fear is not healthy, and no amount of fear indoctrination will convince me other wise.

I have no desire to live in a world so consumed by fear people are desperate to harm each other in their failed attempt to recognize the reason behind their acts. If one person’s action effects the whole world then why not be the one person who chooses to spread love not hate, who chooses to not judge for the color of a person’s skin, not judge for the amount of the money they may or may not have, not judge a person for believing in wearing a mask or not wearing a mask, not judge a person for having  a different faith than you; maybe try to not judge period. Judging, condemning, and harming does not make this world a better place it makes it more difficult.

Love, compassion, kindness and understanding should be spreading like wild fire after the amount of shit we have dealt with in the past few months; but it just seems to be breeding more hate and more discontent. The world is like a pot of water that is just beginning to reach the boiling point. If we don’t step back and pay attention to our selves we will reach the breaking point and their will be no turning back. Each one of us has the power to stop this. We need to stop letting the media and politicians dictate our emotions. WE are capable of great change towards a more beautiful loving world and we don’t need to wait till November to vote for another idiot with false promises and no hope. WE can begin right now by stopping the insanity and stopping the critical, dangerous judgement that goes on every waking hour.

Just start by choosing love and choosing peace!

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