Baby Blue by A. Klesath

baseball07 028

When you were born it was a hot summer day. You came so quickly I had barely enough time to breathe. The midwife scrambled to get ready and begged me to hold on. However, you came at your own pace; fiercely fast and racing to come out. From my position I couldn’t see you and the midwives were speaking softly. I asked if you were a boy or a girl, however, all I heard was silence. My heart stopped when I realized there should be crying. I turned to look at you and froze; you were silently lying there your skin all blue. The midwives said to touch you, to talk to you, but all I could do is stare at your delicate skin and hold my breath. You were so beautiful but I was terrified to think I would lose you before I had the chance to know you. It was merely seconds before you started breathing and they bundled you up and put you in my arms. Your skin still had a blue tinge so you father named you Blue. You were so easy to please. Rarely did you cry. I fell in love with you and knew you would be a great man some day.

When you got old enough I realized how much of a fighting spirit you truly have. You fought to stay alive and now you fight to gain your independence. I know what an amazingly, talented, and intelligent person you are. I also know how sweet and sensitive you are as well.


The woman you marry will certainly be a lucky person. Your fighting spirit, once tamed and focused, will be an inspiration for others.

Always know that I love you, unconditionally, even when it seems like all I do is tell you what to do and what you haven’t done. I see you, my sweet sensitive young man. I see you and know how hard you try to succeed. I don’t doubt your abilities.

Thank you for coming into my life and reminding me what it means to see things through a different set of eyes.

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