Conquering Fear through a Motorcycle by A. Klesath


Heart pounding, mind racing as I sit on the motorcycle waiting to gain the courage to move forward. I have ridden a motorcycle for a few years but last year I went flying through the air while my motorcycle remained stationary. One year later I sit upon a new motorcycle waiting to gain the courage to ride again. My heart pounds in my chest and I take deep breaths to calm myself while images of the accident flash in my mind. A voice inside my head says to get off the damn thing and walk but the side of me that knows conquering fear makes life worth living takes over. I smile because I like that side of me.

Fear of the unknown can consume us and prevent us from moving forward. When fear controls us our fight or flight instinct steps in and we are unable to breath and focus so we can concentrate on the road ahead. I believe that fear is a dangerous thing that can destroy us and stop us from living life to its fullest. Everyday I encounter things that make me uncomfortable and afraid, however, I have to remind myself of  the end goal which is the knowledge gained.

The motorcycle gets my heart racing, adrenaline running, and gives me a sense of power which I don’t feel in other areas of my life.  I have to remind myself that fear is merely a wall in front of me that I need to find a way around to discover the beauty on the other side. Even though I may wreck again and the road ahead is uncertain I know that I can handle whatever life throws at me.

It is because I want to be in control of fear that I continue to take deep breaths, concentrating on the hum of the motor which excites me and encourages my addiction for adventure. Breathe in and out, then slowly turn the throttle, release the  clutch and I am moving slow but able to control my breath and focus on the road ahead. I begin my decent up the hill towards the dirt road to places I have never been before. I hope the road doesn’t have too many ruts.

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