No Part by A. Klesath

I want no part of the insanity which is our state our condition right now. I want no part of the insanity which has surpassed vanity in a magnitude of disproportion. Sinister division is mounting to a point of no return. The fast moving train with no breaks has surfaced like a dragon spewing fire in its wake with the media and politian’s on the train transcending fear to an all time high.

I want no part. I wash my hands of the whole mess. I wanted to travel and see the world, but I refuse to play the game. So I will remain here and savor the bluest skies, the most majestic sunrises and the blanket of mountains surrounding me. Till the sun rises again I will remain steadfast in my belief that madness has taken over and there is nothing I can do but stand in my place with my face clearly visible. I will take what ever chance life has to offer and when death finally comes knocking on my door; I will concede into that glorious good night, and maybe, just maybe, I will wake up to a more spectacular sunrise.

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