I Do Not Consent by A. Klesath

I do not consent to my humanity being stripped away and no amount of persuasion will convince me otherwise. I am a woman, HEAR ME ROAR! I am a wife, a mother, a sister, and a daughter. What does that mean you say? I am full of love. I was created by love. I can be strong and fierce as well as gentle and kind.
I will stand my ground. You can try to cover my voice and prevent me from speaking; but my soul is on fire and my soul belongs to only one and you are not it!
My heart is beating strong and as long as it does you will not have control over my soul or my body. I do not consent, no matter how many lies you spew from your crazy lip service screen.
For me in my house, I will not serve the insanity that seems to be spreading faster than any virus MANKIND has ever known. So keep on with your ploy to force the people to bend with your political rhetoric, altering language as it serves you. Words are meaningless at this point and only the heart knows the truth.
Stop the insanity before a real zombie apocalypse happens and we are all walking around afraid of each other. Wake the hell up before your very soul is stripped away. Stripping away who we are will destroy love. Love is what makes us human and that cannot exist if we are constantly standing in a state of fear. We cannot be separate from each other and we the PEOPLE have the power to stop this.

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