Just A Start By A. Klesath

Shedding skin once again
Hard to know where to begin
When up is down and wrong is right
It seems there is no end in sight

Battles fought but never won
Some are praised and some are shun
Anger, hatred, fear and violence
It seems there is no peace or silence

A great man once said at the end
The only way out is in
Into the mind we must bend
Towards Peace and light, not sin

There is no power when power is given
To evil and corruption driven
The power begins inside the mind
Spreading outward to seek and find

We need to know when to start
To end all the hatred and violence
We need to break the silence
To understand what is tearing us apart

The voices that shout and scream
The ones on your media screen
Turn it off and look around
There is endless love abound

Inside your neighbor, family and friend
This is exactly where you begin
Stop and listen, look and learn
In your heart is where you yearn

The destruction comes from our own hand
We have the power to renew our land
When we give our power to those who seek
That simply makes us all weak

Seek the answers, find the truth within
To have knowledge is how we begin
Not repeating mantras others have spoke
Those words are only meant to choke.

Listen to your own heart speaking sense
We don’t want oppression, hate or violence
It makes no sense and brings only silence
We know the truth, look past the fence

To heal means to release the pain
Remove the shackles of the pipers reign
Find the strength within your heart
With compassion we fix the broken part.

Try to find a way to learn
Not from words that twist and turn
Which are meaningless as the jester speaks
In reality it is your heart he seeks

Acknowledge what has bound you
Find only what is real and true
Combining strength through love in heart
We can heal this world from falling apart

To heal the madness that is all around us
We must trust and not make a fuss
Combining our power through understanding and love
We can bring down the power from above.

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