Where I am by A. Klesath

Where I stand is where I am, I can be no other place. My heart aches for a more peaceful time. I see rainbows full of butterflies and as they separate they navigate to all the diverse and colorful flowers.
My heart screams for a more peaceful time, where I can be me and you be you.
The glory in nature is in its diversity not its sameness.
Diversity is what makes life so grand. I have an idea, you have an idea and they are both okay. Your ideas come from where you stand and mine come from where I stand. Neither idea is right or wrong,; they are merely how we see life from where we stand.
I can love you even when you are different than me. I can see and hear you even when you don’t believe what I believe.
How could I expect you to believe what I believe, when my eyes belong to me and yours to you? My basic needs are the same as yours, food, water, shelter, health and love. But love is where we differ, I love you because your soul is good, your heart is kind, I don’t love you for your political ideas; those mean nothing to me. Those are merely ideas that don’t make you who you are. Your love of family, your love of life, and your love of others that is what makes me love you. Your fears are yours and I don’t have to have the same ones to still love you.
A darkness reigns across the land where one idea is fighting to be the one and only god. A world where there is only one idea manifesting into a destiny where there is no difference. A place where only one power controls.
In nature, I stand with my feet firmly rooted to the earth. She is where I stand, she is where I will fiercely protect her life and all upon her. But I don’t expect you to do the same. Your life path is yours in whatever adventures it takes you.
I will take a stand to a promised land. I will not bow as I feel the pressure all around to push me down; to force me to repeat the mantra or be damned.
Families ripped apart by a religious or political ideology makes no sense. When mere words are altered to control and not spoken out of fear it is time to stand up and take notice. It is time to admit that the emperor wears no clothes.
I am tired and my mind and body are aching, but I will keep standing. I will lay down my cards and send love to you. I will not argue because I see that your ears are closed and your heart is darkened with bitterness.
I am saddened that you cannot accept me as I am and only seek to change me to make me repeat your words. I believe in freedom. Freedom to be whom I want to be, to speak how I want to speak, to love whom I want to love, and to allow you to do the same.
Right now the air is thick with vengeance, hatred and anger and no one seems to notice. No one seems to care that the world is changing and not for good only for more control over others.
We are being reprogramed and yet no one seems to be paying attention. If you say that you get called names.

The truth is always there even if you alter the meaning of words; the truth is always there. I believe in freedom of thought, freedom of idea, freedom to be. Call me crazy, call me names it will not change my mind. Integrity is all that matters to me. I have to feel good about my choices and my heart and spirit have to be free. My sanity, my thoughts are mine and mine alone and I will not force them upon you. When you attempt to force my hand, I will still believe my ideology as you will for yours. I will cease to be me, the moment I agree with an idea that does not sit within my mind and heart as truth. I will no longer have a soul that is free to seek all the flowers of the earth. I will no longer have the freedom to move and that my friend, is a fate worse than death.

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