Take the Heat by A. Klesath

Moving backwards towards Orion’s belt, my toes touch sky. 

I barely know why,

One not standing 

be tilt

As my mind towards backwards 

All of this shit!

Here in this moment’s time,

I know my words don’t always rhyme.

Darkness in light, melding within,

As I stare into this giant’s bin

Grand glorious sky throws light, to the dim –

There you are!

My reflection,


In your eye, wings in flight-

The unbalanced regime,

A silence in scream.

The heart still beats –

Bare soles touch

And embrace

My ear towards her chest

I digest 

her essence, in me a sea,

My mind for free-

The earthy scent penetrates my skin

As I am one with thee, 

her footsteps softly vibrate my skin.

This is where new life begins.

As the dawns light rises

I am nothing in this great big scheme

merely dust for ashes sake

My purpose is subtle like breeze and a bubble

Freedom my last breath and no beat

Here I bow and take a seat. 

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