Ode to the Creators, Myth Makers and Earth Quakers by A. Klesath

I know this old world of mine

has not always been so kind!

I have slipped, tripped, and

sometimes landed on the ground.

My mind itself has not always

been so sound.

Culture will be the death of you!

and me too!

(Scoff if you need to)

You see, we walk around this world

of our own creation.

Thinking ours is the best situation.

Believing this is how it has always been.

And those who don’t

walk the walk,

talk the talk,

Well, they get put underground without a sound.

(metaphorically speaking)

The illusion is this:

there will never be one way for me and one for you that will equate.

We all live this world within our own fate.

We never know when the jig is up!

Which is why we need to live it up!

No time to waste within this space

is the human race!

This gift of life, of breath, of love and touch,

Should never be forsaken.

We should not spend it keeping our mouths shut!

Always worried we may fuck up!

I say strip your clothes off Jack (or Jane insert name)!

Put your bare feet out in the water!

Then take a sip of this great, grand trip!

You see ,we are here one minute and gone the next,

A memory to some, others merely dust.

So why not just say what you want!

Be whomever you wish to be,

And always, always let others be free!

Free to speak, free to listen, free to walk away

and never an omission

And fuck all that culture shit!

The illusion of it,

will make you sick!

I may be gone tomorrow

and you my friend, my love

will sorrow.

For that I am truly sorry

I had no power over the time or the hour!

Just know this above all else, I loved this short ass trip,

only occasionally got sick of it.

I loved you all some a lot, some a little.

When my day comes,

Dance and sing some high praise!

Of me (of course:)

Because that will make you smile.

and Dance and sing some more till

you feel no more sorrow.

Just know I lived, I loved and there never was a tomorrow!

I love you all, some a lot and some a little

I learned a lot and left with none of it!

Believe what you want,

Do what you want

Harm no-one in the process

(knowing you probably will)

Ask forgiveness and continue to love,

And know that this here life is just one experience in a million!

we will find each other again,

in this world without an end.

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