Make Room!

Make room for me
you see with your eyes
your mind is blind
no connection
missed perception
I am me free to be who I am and not who you want me to be
I am me full of color and life
every color in the spectrum is me
you see
my eyes behold the beauty

Told for centuries who I am you seem pleased
you confine me
define me
blind me
tell me who I am
who I am supposed to be
before my feet ever touch the earth
you mold me
fold me into a form which confines me
always to define me
bend me to your will
paid for with a number given at birth
defining my worth
placing me
pushing me to stand in position
my wings folded behind me
squished into a mold that bends me
prevents me

Today I stand with mind open
I see what you have done to me
I am free!
Free to be me
no definition
no lines
my wings begin to stretch
I step
all ways
confined for so long

blankness like a canvass
Splash paint on the whiteness
fill it with color
my mind all a flutter
stretch the canvass to fit
to fit what has been confined inside for so long
I need more room

Wings start to flutter
I stutter trying to get the words out
they hold no meaning
they are old
you told me what to say every day
Now I stand my hands open
my wings expanding
my mold begins to crack
light shines in every color brighter
I am a fighter
I will expand
so make room
I am in bloom
the glass breaks
every direction
I take to make the world more beautiful
more bright
more full of life
this dimension is an infection
the light more bright will allow my flight
no definition
no words to confine and blind
I am free!

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