My Brother by A. Klesath

Angie Klesath

family reunion 178

I want to hear him laugh. I want to see him smile with those blue eyes shining. There is a purity lost inside him. In the instantaneous moment when I am lost inside his eyes, I see that he is free to laugh in spite of it all; free to let go and feel something positive.

I wish to hear him laugh. His laugh starts from deep down inside of him and slowly rises to the top. It is deep and true. My heart aches to see his crystal blue eyes shining; shimmering as if the sun is only shining for him. When he is sad or afraid, my heart aches and I stop breathing. I want to have some type of superpower to heal his pain.

I am calm when he says to me, “I am okay, Angie, everything is going to be all right,

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