If Life Were A Musical by a. klesath

If life were a musical would we have peace? If we sang our feelings out to the world with all the vibrato, we could muster, would we have a need for war? If Fred Astaire could come dancing down the sidewalk would all our fears just disappear? 

Most of us know the world isn’t right that darkness is seeping in and nothing makes sense. Fear is the devils delight. Fear is a powerful tool when a mountain lion is chasing us down, but not so much when standing in a grocery store line. When consumed with fear our only recourse is for survival. In this mode we fail to look around us, we fail to take into account the repercussions of our actions. We fail to live at all when fear has control. 

This world we live in is beautiful. However, we chose to allow her to be raped and pillaged. We stand idly by as if in a trance as we rip and tear her apart. We have been told it is for progress, that we have a need, but how much of need? How greedy do we need to be to continue as if we have no voice, as if our destruction has no consequence?

If the masks taught me anything it would be that stating my peace stops at my lips.  It is difficult to point out the discrepancies and corruption when madness reigns. Many are opening their eyes, but few have chosen to stand and say enough is enough. How long must this go on as we bow our heads and pretend; oblivious to the fact that psychopaths are running the show. 

Why must there be war? Why must there be patriotism, racism, sexism, or any ism? All the ism’s in the world amount to only one thing, violence! Did you know that believing that you are the best and filling yourself with the illusion that your way is the best way is the first step to war? For example, if millions of people are clamoring to get into the country you have to ask why. You have to say that maybe this thing we call borders and boundaries is only causing harm. Why is their country so bad they feel it is worth getting shot to find a safe place to be? Where is our humanity? Why would one feel it is necessary to shoot someone who is trying to find a safe haven?

For me I am tired; beyond tired. War and threats of war have been happening my entire life. If war brings peace than why have we not seen it? Why does it seem there is no end to violence? 

I say enough is enough and I am onboard with the “kindness conspiracy” mentioned by a great comedian. I am all about it. Imagine a world more real and kind than a jingle sung by insanely vain individuals. 

How about right now we start to be kinder and to allow the ego to take a step back. We can live without war, there is enough food, there is enough space, there is enough! The first step begins with listening. Listen, pay attention, and stop when you feel violence is the only answer.

Speak out when what you see is wrong, not because someone was offended by words, not when the media tells you to be outraged, but when your heart tells you that true harm and suffering is happening. You will know when someone is truly suffering when your heart is open you can feel it because the harm that is happening to them is happening to you as well. Put your phone down to help someone in need rather than wanting your two seconds of fame the internet may bring. The Internet isn’t real folks! It isn’t real and the more we believe it is, the less human we become. 

Everything we are arguing about is not seeking peace, it is not finding a way to clean up the air, the water, it is not helping the homeless be less homeless, it is not saving children from being kidnapped and sold into slavery, it is not making sure that not one of us will die from starvation. The system is broken folks, it has been for a very long time. The major corporations feed off the suffering of others. Now is the time for life to not be about profit. Abundance is found in giving and taking care of each other it is not about having the most and controlling the masses. Finding a way for peace to reign is long overdue. 

Look at the world around you and, I don’t know, pick up the garbage that is right at your feet, smile at a stranger, make someone’s day by being kind and just maybe this conspiracy will spread. Life is shorter than you can imagine and yet we have all the power inside us to make a world that is truly safe and full of love. It is a choice to believe in the madness that bombards us and it is a choice to look beyond our selfish needs to find the peace that exists. The Ego needs to take a step back and allow the heart to rule. 

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