Free to Be Me by A. Klesath


It’s  a funny thing, this journey of self discovery,  as I spend time with myself every moment of every day I learn to love the many aspects of me. I have climbed mountains and along the way I got scratched, broken, and burned; yet I am still standing. Here I am arms stretching, heart wide open, admiring the view.

As the world moved on my walk today I wondered if the ground moved beneath my feet as I walked or because I walked. Crazy pondering which makes me smile as my gears turn.

Some days, I miss you, old self, racing around in circles, sad and never curious as you accepted the world as it was, no question. But the new me that rose from the ashes with fresh skin finds  a spring in my step. I found a voice which is learning to speak, to understand, to question. I see a spark in my eye when I look in the mirror and I know that all things are possible. Even my dreams have changed, where once I merely floated through my dreams merely observing, helpless to the rising tide; now I question and control my own destiny. I listen to my soul as it guides me along this journey and I find more pleasure than I ever could with my eyes closed.

My weight I carry is light these days as I learn to take each moment as it comes. I allow the world to move beneath my feet, but I stop when I feel that it is moving too fast.  I see each leaf on the tree, each blade of grass and notice the beautiful butterfly who crosses my path.

I know that each day the sun rises with a promise of something spectacular!

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