Love is the Reminder. Love is what will save us. by A. Klesath

I feel lost. Mind spinning as the chaos begins again, desperate to find center. I awake at midnight to see the half-moon; blood red and I wonder if this is the beginning of the end. Have we always been moving straight towards this edge of madness, falling straight into the abyss? Is this exactly where we are supposed to be? Desperate to cling to a thing we know in our hearts is dying, a way of life which is centralized enslavement based on a narcissistic side of ego, seeing only a reflection as we walk in a dazed panic, wondering what to do next.

Our own survival is our basic instinct. Our fear of death our only recourse to the intensity of the situation. Pushing, threatening others when they don’t see, feel, think and act the way we believe they should. Basing this premise on our own tremendous fear of death that increases our panic to the point of lashing out at anyone and everyone who does not appear to be as afraid as we are. We think how dare they not feel the fear and submit to it! Well dear friend, your fear is yours to contend with, yours alone, no one can bring you from the brink but you, waking up from the nightmare. You better figure it out, because we all die in the end.  It is what we do in the middle that counts.

We walk in a dazed panic wondering what to do next.  Survival instinct is good for a moment when the threat is immediate but survival instinct drains us of power when it is constant. We are constantly being bombarded with fear over and over again taxing our system and depriving the brain of rational thinking. Breathe people, breath in and out slowly and focus. The threat is real if we let it be real when we turn on each other and give our power to something that does not exist. We exist and we are strong and are powerful but only when we don’t give our power away to someone else or to an invisible something, we can neither see nor hear nor taste nor touch but something we all seem to believe in and ask that it saves us. I won’t mention the name of this beast, but it is something that starts to grow powerful when the madness from irrational fear causes us to be stuck paralyzing us so we can’t seem to free ourselves; unless we wake up from the dream.

Sadly, instead of loving ourselves and keeping our power we beg for a tighter more controlling prison from which we mistakenly believe will make us safe. Inside the cocoon, separate from one another we fail to understand we need each other for survival. Love is the reminder.

Fearing something that is inevitable is wrong in so many ways. We can be respectful and not threaten another person’s life. but being afraid of a virus when human beings have killed more people than any virus that ever existed. This fear of a virus is so tremendous we begin to be afraid of one another. How can this not be the very definition of insanity? Human beings have killed each other based on fear for thousands of years, fear someone will take your property, fear some outsider will attack, fear that someone believes something different, fear someone has more of something than you do. Kill or be killed that is our culture, is it not? We are so damn afraid of death that we are willing to kill another human being so we won’t die. But the minute you pull the trigger through any means you die too.

Humanity dies every moment this insane fear and panic continues. We are so used to control through fear and intimidation that we can see nothing else. We need to remember our history and understand how wars begin, how famines begin before we will ever find a way out of this abyss.  The one thing our culture needs is to embrace life and love and stop the insanity of constantly being in such a state of fear that we imprison ourselves. Life is fleeting and dangerous but the most dangerous thing to humankind is humans. Reverse it and call it kind human be kind to ourselves, love ourselves not like we love the television and our new material possessions but as we love from our heart center the love that expands when our hearts are open and there is no fear weighing it down. We all will die eventually but what we do in the middle, the here and now, matters more now than it ever has, stop the insanity before we start to destroy each other. Love is the reminder. Love is what will save us.

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