Truth Doesn’t Lie By A. Klesath

Money is the ultimate demise of human civilization, however you spin it, it will always be the truth. We are slaves to money, so blinded by it, we can’t seem to see any way out. Wars are fought, people are murdered, and the powerful hold all the cards merely by holding all the money. They made us believe that he who controls the world’s money controls everything. This was utilized through lies, manipulation and fear.

Everything that is going on is a build up to something far worse, if we don’t wake up to the truth. The truth that is in our hearts, which most of us can feel. We know there is something wrong; but cannot quite put a name to it. We can’t see it because there are so many distractions that pull us in, that we fail to see the big picture. When our body is in survival mode we cannot function or reason we are merely trying to survive. We have been trying to survive for far too long.

Some of us get up, go to work to make a paycheck that becomes smaller the harder we work, or some get up lie, steal or cheat for money, or sell their bodies for money. There is a division between people based on how much money one makes. The truth is a custodian is just as important as a CEO of a company, a farmer is just as vital as a doctor, and yet we pay the more to an entertainer than the people who produce our food, our clothing and our shelter.

We believe that money makes the world go round, that we can’t survive without money. People starve to death every day, not because there isn’t enough food, but because they don’t have enough money. How can we let that happen?

Money does nothing, it is an illusion, it is merely numbers on a computer screen or worthless paper in our pocket. People make things; people create. Money divides, it creates classes and division separating us from our humanity. The division between the rich and poor is widening to such a degree that we believe if the rich share their wealth with everyone we will all survive; but that is a lie. The rich can have their damn money! It is the people that  grow the food, build the houses and  provide the luxuries the rich depend on and yet we keep thinking that with more money the world will be a better place.

Well it is time to wake up from the dream. The dream of money, that money will fix the worlds problems. WE WILL FIX THE WORLDS PROBLEMS. All we have to do is wake up. The power is within us, it always has been. We have been slaves to debt, slaves to money and we feel powerless without it. Right now people are starving, going homeless, fighting wars, killing each other for money. How is that right? There is enough food, water and shelter for all. The greedy keep poisoning the earth, the water, and the air in the name of profit and business. Well it is time to stop! Time to wake up before the fear and violence take over completely. We are not separated by race, religion, sex, class or anything; we are divided by money. The world believes there are the haves and the have nots; but that is based on money.

We as a species are kind and loving and most of us do not want our fellow human being to suffer because they don’t have enough money to buy food. They throw food away if someone doesn’t buy it, we don’t grow it if there isn’t a market. We are highly intelligent beings who have the power to create a utopia for all and yet we have to break the chains and become free. Take away the power money has over our minds and bodies and we can be free. Everyone of us is born with the ability to create a world far more beautiful than we could ever imagine, if we only we worked together. I know this in my heart no matter what arguments come at me. I know the truth is there waiting for us to find it.

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